Project development
Every property has its own history, and our task is to shape its future.
We value the uniqueness of each property and take the time to develop it individually.

An immovable property is not just an object; it holds a piece of history. Our mission is to equip it for the future, using our expertise and experience. 

Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each client. We are passionately dedicated to our work, ensuring that every property we handle is prepared for the challenges of the coming decades. 

We modernize

We modernize our buildings and create the foundation for their next lifecycle. Supply and disposal lines are upgraded or renewed, fire safety requirements are implemented, and communal areas or outdoor spaces are enhanced. Preserving and sustainably developing existing properties is the central challenge of our future.

During the modernization of a solid old building, more than 50% of the energy costs can be saved compared to what would be required for a new construction. Even an old building can be energetically optimized, leading to long-term energy and cost savings.

Affordable housing for investors and tenants

Social responsibility as an added value for investors. Satisfied tenants are invested in the preservation of their properties and seek security. This creates the best conditions for long-term investments. Even with comparably lower rents, one can achieve profitable and steadily increasing income.

ur goal is to modernize residential properties in the communal areas (insulation, basement, staircase, technical facilities, roof, outdoor areas) to significantly enhance living quality, property value, and lifespan. Rents will be adjusted in a socially responsible manner because we aim to actively shape our region in a sustainable way.

What we stand for

We conduct extensive inspections to ensure that the properties we acquire meet the required standards and criteria.

We focus on sustainable modernization to increase the value and lifespan of properties while enhancing the overall living quality.

Our aim is to create attractive investment opportunities that are both profitable and stable in the long term.

We are committed to making housing affordable by modernizing residential properties in communal areas and implementing socially responsible rent adjustments.

Satisfied tenants for a secure investment.
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