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The Activ Balance property, consistently developed and future-proof.
Our passion: Renovation of investment properties in attractive locations. We create future-proof capital investments through construction and value-enhancing measures

As a property developer and construction company with over 20 years of expertise, our primary focus is on the development and renovation of existing properties. We specialize in investment properties with significant optimization potential. Our main emphasis is on construction and value-enhancing measures to preserve the buildings and improve the living conditions. This ensures optimal conditions for good rental demand. We pay particular attention to inner-city locations with excellent infrastructure. With this foundation, we unlock the full potential of a property, creating attractive capital investments with a long-term investment horizon.

We view the development of the region as a social responsibility.

Our intention here is not merely to be a part of the whole and feel obligated to contribute to society and our immediate surroundings. On the contrary, this responsibility fulfills our work environment.

Apartments are always linked to social responsibility towards the tenants, the neighborhood, and the affected communities.

In order to continue providing affordable housing for tenants and to maintain an existing tenant structure, we have developed a concept of “social, economic, and sustainable business.” Our company’s idea focuses on preserving and sustainably developing existing properties, as this is the central challenge of our future.

What we stand for.

Education is the capital of our society’s future and fosters the self-confidence of apprentices. We prioritize the training of young people and establish partnerships with universities, providing internships under fair conditions, and ensuring continuous further training for our own employees.

This allows our company to offer apprentices and interns interested in real estate technology, property management, process management, and sales process development a solid foundation. Exchange of experiences and practical assignments are part of the program, providing them with a hands-on insight into the professional world and the fields of work in our company. In return, we have the opportunity to counteract future skilled labor shortages.

Bringing the basic need for housing and the desire for meaningful savings into a balanced and economically viable harmony is one of our company’s goals.

We tap into unused potentials and create additional living space Through acquisition and subsequent privatization, we generate tangible assets for the real economy, for private ownership, and for people. These are values that endure and remain preserved.

In sustainable renovation, we consider not only the standard principles of construction but also overarching aspects. These ensure that the measures we implement are ecologically sustainable, economically viable, energy-efficient, and convincingly effective in the long run.  This inspires and motivates us!

For us, art means actively engaging with different perspectives on our reality. This is essential to us, as it enriches our daily work. We do this to:

Create spaces, bring artists together, invite people to participate intellectually, and bring contemporary art closer to others through various mediums such as images, words, text, form, color, music, light, materials, and live performances.

What our customers say
Activ Bilanz Blog
Activ Bilanz Blog
Kevin A.
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I have already purchased 2 apartments with Fabrizio, and I can only recommend him. He is very friendly and explains everything step by step so that you understand everything. The notary who works with Activ Bilanz is also very competent and friendly, and they explain the purchase contract clearly during the purchase.
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I can only recommend this company. I purchased my first capital investment with them 10 years ago, shortly followed by a second and then another one. I have no regrets. Their after-sale service for clients, including assistance with renting, selling, or other matters, is very helpful.
Finn S.
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Highly professional and very well organized. The apartment purchase was carried out in a very structured and efficient manner. All documents and paperwork were already available during the first viewing. All promises were kept. 100% recommendation!!
Thilo W.
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Very pleasant and professional collaboration, and the project was handled in the same manner. Reliable, prompt, and pragmatic, just as one would wish for. Many thanks! Would gladly work with them again on another project!
Dominik K.
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Congratulations on purchasing your first rental apartment! It's great to hear that you felt well taken care of and received comprehensive support throughout the process. Prompt and direct responses to your questions provided a satisfying experience. We wish you all the best with your new investment, and may it be a successful and rewarding venture for you!
Prisca S.
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I am delighted to hear that you are fully satisfied with Activ Bilanz. Fabrizio Lucenti sounds like an excellent advisor, providing reliable support even after the purchase and promptly addressing various concerns. A 5-star recommendation is a strong endorsement, and we hope you continue to enjoy a positive and successful experience with Activ Bilanz. Should you have any further questions or need assistance, they will be there to help. Congratulations on your positive experience!
Where others stop, we are still in the middle of it. We look forward to hearing from you!
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