We are not searching for weaknesses and problems, but for what we can make out of the property in the future.
We buy discreetly, reliably, and without complications.

Activ Bilanz GmbH is one of the leading real estate companies specializing in the privatization of residential properties in Stuttgart and its surroundings. We acquire suitable residential properties to hold them in our ownership for the short or medium term. We are also interested in properties that require development, with maintenance backlog, vacancies, and renovation needs. We treat your intention to sell with the utmost discretion and strict confidentiality. Sellers and real estate agents trust our reliability. As a successful company, we have a strong equity base and excellent creditworthiness for timely and reliable payments.

Satisfaction for all parties

As a commercial property developer for residential properties, we have been active in off-market acquisitions for years, operating discreetly and professionally. We are open to compromises, owner-operated, and straightforward. Get to know us.

How we can support you:
Swift Inspection
Thoroughly inspecting the property is crucial to ensure a smooth acquisition process and to identify potential issues early on.
Convenient Transaction
Professional and transparent communication, along with clear agreements, ensures an advantage for all parties involved.
Prompt Payment
Punctual payment during the real estate acquisition process builds trust and requires careful planning of payment terms.
Your existing tenants remain with us.
We acquire rented properties with the primary goal of modernizing communal areas, upgrading or renewing the existing infrastructure, and retaining as many existing tenants as possible.
An insight into the seller side
Stefan Czommer
We support you before, during, and after your real estate purchase.