The Activ Bilanz consulting approach
We support you before, during, and after your real estate
purchase and work together with you to optimize your investment.
Plan your real estate investment together with our experts.
Result-oriented and well-thought-out.

Together, we discuss our customers’ preferences and create a precise investment profile. Subsequently, we explore the possibilities and present suitable properties.

Even after the purchase, we continue to support our customers with their responsibilities as property owners and work together to optimize their investment.

Through our commitment to quality and sustainability, we ensure that our customers invest in attractive condominiums or multi-family houses that provide them with a reliable source of income and significant appreciation in value.

Benefit from 25 years of experience
Based on the individual preferences and goals of our clients, we create an exact search profile.
Matching the search profile, we offer verified and developed properties from our portfolio.
We guide investors directly to their property without detours and continue to support them even after the purchase.
The Activ Bilanz consulting approach

In 7 steps to your property

Deniz Ünver
We support you before, during, and after your real estate purchase.
Your plus in

In our consultation, it is essential to approach your investment goal step by step. The elements of the property and financing are tailored optimally to your individual needs. We have set a high standard for the quality of our advice as our benchmark.

Real estate ownership should be managed carefully. Therefore, we have selected dedicated property management companies to optimize rental management processes and professionally organize your free spaces. Additionally, you can have your property renovated by us according to your needs and preferences. We take charge and ensure the professional completion. Even years after your investment, Activ Bilanz remains by your side, planning the next steps with you.

ou can have the Activ Bilanz property redesigned by us according to your wishes and needs. We take charge, monitor the process, and ensure the professional completion, whether you choose to do it today or in a few years. whether you choose to do it today or in a few years.

These advantages
make the difference:
Fabrizio Lucenti
We guide you directly to your property without detours.
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