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We offer advice to both newcomers and experienced investors and provide our own properties from our extensive real estate portfolio.

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Customers gain access to our long-standing network of specialized businesses and experts.
Real Estate Investments
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We buy multi-family houses and residential portfolios. Discreetly, reliably, and straightforwardly.
We support you before, during, and after your real estate purchase and work together with you to optimize your investment. Even long after the purchase.
Our latest properties:

  • 8 residential units
  • 2-3 room apartments ranging from 40 to 95 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 50%
  • Year of construction: 1962
  • Parking spaces: 10
  • Rental area approx. 500 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 800 sqm


  • 6 residential units
  • 2-3 room apartments ranging from 50 to 105 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Year of construction: 1972
  • Parking spaces: 5
  • Rental area approx. 372 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 649 sqm


  • 9 residential units
  • 2-4 room apartments ranging from 50 to 105 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Year of construction: 1983
  • Parking spaces: 9
  • Rental area approx. 700 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 1600 sqmPlot size approx. 1600 sqm


  • 10 residential units
  • 2-3 room apartments ranging from 55 to 75 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Year of construction: 1900
  • Parking spaces: 1
  • Rental area approx. 665 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 265 sqm


  • 8 residential units
  • 2-4 room apartments ranging from 42 to 71 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Year of construction: 1935
  • Rental area approx. 488 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 392 sqm


  • 18 residential units
  • 1-4 room apartments ranging from 35 to 95 sqm
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Year of construction: 1953
  • Parking spaces: 1
  • Rental area approx. 1000 sqm
  • Plot size approx. 324 sqm

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FAQ with Activ Bilanz

We purchase residential properties in the Stuttgart metropolitan area, modernize and optimize them sustainably, and reorganize them without burdening the tenants.

We offer first-hand properties. Verified, purchased, modernized, and further developed by us. Through continuous new acquisitions, we also bring new and interesting offers to the market. Hardly any of our existing properties are publicly listed. Select and review the right property without competitive pressure. Professional support from our qualified consultants. No brokerage fee is charged by us. No brokerage fee is charged by us. We also build according to your wishes if needed More information under the reviews…

They offer a range of properties, including city apartments, traditional condominiums, and multi-family houses as capital investments in the Stuttgart metropolitan area.

We support you before, during, and after your real estate purchase and collaborate with you to optimize your investments.

Banks will lend if three conditions in particular are met:

Collateral: Banks accept various sizes as collateral – the more the better. Borrowers should ideally have a permanent job with a secure salary. The Schufa score should be impeccable and there should be other assets. These can be already paid-off real estate in an attractive location or capital investments such as securities.

Valuable property: A property is valuable if the location is right and the state of preservation is good. In short, the property increases in value over time, or at least remains stable in value.

Rental income: If continuous rental income can be expected, banks view this positively when granting loans. After all, a permanent income can then be expected.

Banks now enable property purchases even without equity, through a so-called full financing. The bank loan covers not only the purchase price but also the incidental costs, such as notary fees, agent commissions, and others. However, full financing typically entails higher costs compared to scenarios where you can provide equity. A prerequisite for full financing is an excellent credit rating certified by Schufa. Moreover, banks pay close attention to above-average and regular incomes. For most self-employed individuals, full financing is not an option. With full financing, banks also closely scrutinize the property intended to be purchased as an investment. The more advantageous the location and the better condition of the property, the higher the chances of obtaining full financing. From the banks’ perspective, this is understandable as they lend money and require collateral. An attractive property in a prime location is easier to sell in case of payment issues compared to a fixer-upper in a rural area.

Investing in an apartment as a capital investment is not too risky and can be worthwhile if the following five conditions are met:

– The property is not overvalued.

– The building is in good condition.

– Secure rental income is expected.

– The location is favorable.

– The return on investment is promising.

Combined with a well-calculated financing plan, the apartment becomes a profitable capital investment with low risk.

Where others stop, we are still in the middle of it. We look forward to welcoming you!
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