Social Commitment
For a good cause.
Our commitment to a better world.

STELP is passionately committed to a world where all people have the opportunity to live self-determinedly in dignity and safety and to shape their future responsibly and sustainably. The civil aid organization, based in Stuttgart, establishes a network of volunteers, partners, and sponsors to provide support where it is most urgently needed.

Stronger together: Our partnership with an outstanding aid organization.

We are proud to partner with this dedicated charity whose commitment and dedication inspire us every day. Their remarkable work and profound values inspire us to do our part. The opportunity to support them in their endeavors and play an active role in shaping a better future is of great importance to us.

Supporter on Site

STELP is dedicated to the long-term improvement of the living conditions of people in need, with a particular focus on education projects. In addition to alleviating acute emergencies by providing food and medical care, its work focuses on promoting education in order to achieve lasting positive change.

STELP handles donations efficiently to ensure that every euro goes where it is urgently needed. The organization sees it as its responsibility to those in need, as well as to donors and supporters, to ensure complete transparency.

Aid projects

STELP is currently active in 16 countries on four continents and is involved in a wide range of projects. This includes the construction of children’s homes and primary schools, support in war zones, assistance for refugees, as well as providing emergency relief during natural disasters, and much more.

Every help counts!

Financial contributions to STELP are crucial to the effectiveness of its work. Every donation makes a significant contribution to its success. STELP manages the funds it receives efficiently and transparently to ensure that every euro flows directly into its projects.

Stuttgart Tamil Sangam e.V.

Stuttgart Tamil Sangam is a non-profit, cultural and social organization with the aim of bringing together all those who are interested in the cultural and linguistic heritage of the Tamil community in Germany. Since 2023, we have been actively collaborating with the association and organizing joint events to promote and preserve this cultural heritage.

Stronger together: Our partnership to promote the Tamil tradition and language in Germany.

The Stuttgart Tamil Sangam is a vibrant and dedicated community that promotes and nurtures the rich culture and tradition of the Tamils in Stuttgart, Germany. Founded to unite the Tamil diaspora in the region, this organization provides a platform for people of all ages who are of Tamil origin or have an interest in Tamil culture and language.

Cultural events, language courses, social activities, educational initiatives.

At Stuttgart Tamil Sangam, we firmly believe that our shared humanity is the driving force to make the world a better place.

Stuttgart Tamil Sangam
Stuttgart Tamil Sangam is always on the lookout for dedicated members and supporters.

Anyone interested in joining the Stuttgart Tamil Sangam e.V. or supporting its work is warmly encouraged to contact us or consider becoming a member. Your cooperation and support enable the association to continue its mission and to preserve and promote Tamil culture in Stuttgart.

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