Our Investment Tip of the Month

With a monthly expense of only €155, achieve an expected value gain of over €58,000 in 10 years! How is this possible? Let’s look at an example from one of our Activ Bilanz properties in the Schillerstadt Marbach! Contrary to the expectations of many, generating passive income from your property investment doesn’t solely depend on […]

What makes a good investment property?

Real estate as an investment is more popular than ever, and for good reason. It withstands inflation, its value is not tied to stock market chaos, and most importantly, its value can never be zero, unlike stocks. However, not every property automatically qualifies as a good investment, and not every investment guarantees profitable returns. Therefore, […]

Rising Interest Rates: No Problem for Real Estate Investors

The recent surge in interest rates for property loans has raised concerns that real estate investments may no longer be profitable. However, in reality, very little has changed! However, in reality, very little has changed! Various alarming messages are being circulated on the internet, suggesting that high interest rates are negatively affecting the real estate […]

Rising Energy Costs – What Landlords Need to Know

Energy costs constitute a significant portion of a property’s monthly operating expenses. With the ever-increasing prices of electricity and fossil fuels, landlords and tenants are facing significant challenges in the upcoming period. Heating, electricity, and hot water costs are generally considered “recoverable operating costs” of a property. These costs are usually settled through monthly advance […]