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Benefit from our experience and expertise and plan your individual real estate investment together with us.
We offer advice to both newcomers and experienced investors and provide our own properties from our extensive real estate portfolio.

From city apartments to classic condominiums and apartment buildings. Get in touch with our contacts now and plan your future with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Our team of experienced experts
is at your disposal at any time.

Head of Sales

Deniz Ünver

Head of Property Management

Thomas Steiner

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that you need.
We support you before, during, and after your real estate purchase and work together with you to optimize your investment. Even long after the purchase.
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Through constant acquisition, development, and privatization of our projects, we create over 100 attractive residential properties and multi-family houses annually for owner-occupiers and investors.

To offer our customers a high-quality product, our properties undergo meticulous scrutiny by civil engineers and architects during the acquisition phase. This ensures that all necessary measures and modernizations are carried out beforehand.

In addition to the right property, a well thought-out financing strategy is the be-all and end-all. We create individual customer strategies through our financing network.

Our customers have the option to buy an apartment and have it professionally renovated according to their own preferences.

Customized solutions for every need:
Project development
Customers gain access to our long-standing network of specialized businesses and experts.
Real estate investments
Assessing feasibility, defining investment strategy, planning financing, finding suitable properties, and more...
We buy multi-family houses and residential portfolios. Discreetly, reliably, and straightforwardly.
Your Contact Persons
Always by your side

Head of Asset Management

Michaela Mende

Head of Acquisition

Stefan Czommer

Your expert for successful real estate investments

We focus on verified and future-proof investments, sustainable modernization, and affordable housing for stable returns. Trust in our experience and commitment to successful capital investments. Commission-free directly from the owner.

We accompany our clients from the beginning and support them even after the purchase in their role as landlords.

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to invest in real estate
Our team of experienced experts is at your disposal at any time. We are here for you.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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